July 23rd 2021
Nearly a year since the last post, still alive but no new photography to upload. Hopefully things will change soon and I'll be able to get out and about again. I've sold my first photo on Adobe Stock which is encouraging. My cameras have had a good rest so time to get them out again.

England v New Zealand - Sept 2021

August 13th 2020
I can't believe it's two months since posting here - having said that nothing much has happened on the photography front, I've hardly been anywhere during that time, still cautious about bumping into crowds of people which I suppose is unlikely as I live in one of the least populated places in England. Military aircraft thundering overhead can sometimes spoil the tranquility especially when the garden table starts vibrating to the sound of F15's from Lakenheath playing cat and mouse. At least the F35's from Mareham are a little less threatening.
Anyway enough of that - I do have a rare Turtle Dove frequenting the garden but have been unable so far to get any photos. I am planning a landscape shoot for next week and a model shoot next month so hopefully I can add some more shots to my galleries in the near future. I have recently added around 50 images to Picfair, a stock library based in the UK. They licence images for commercial use and also supply framed prints and prints on canvas.
Rowland's album 'No Words No Title' was released on 21st June and now available on all of the download and streaming sites. I would describe it as a personal journey in a Rock/Classical style with both hard hitting and atmospheric passages that captures the emotions of a 'colourful' life.

Outside Costa in Swaffham

May 10th 2020
A few birds have returned to the garden over the last couple of weeks some of which can be seen in Gallery 8. The pigeons seem to be pinching most of the food from the bird table instead of using the ground feeder. My camera is out most days with a wireless receiver attached and activated by a remote transmitter which I keep with me in the office where I have a good view of the table. The camera is set on aperture priority at 5.6.

My friend's album is now ready to be released on 21st June. The website is now also up and running at akustikroqucer.com. The website has three videos and several short audio extracts from the album itself together with background information, biography and a gallery page. Press releases are being prepared and a launch party will be arranged if circumstances permit.

Pinky & Perky

April 14th 2020
Like everyone else I'm holed up at home with nowhere to go so my idea of getting some decent hare photos will have to wait until next year. I have managed to take a few images in the garden for a friend but that's about it for the foreseeable future. My camera is trained on the bird table and as they slowly return to the garden I may be able to capture a variety of species over the next few weeks.

Following on from the last blog post I now have a video created by my friend whose music album is due for release in June subject to the impact of current measures and any further measures that may be imposed over the next month or two. The video is available to view on my Adobe Portfolio site within the gallery marked A KU STIK ROQUCER. The track is called 'The Birth Of Kool' from the album 'No Words No Title'. Comments and/or questions can be sent to Rowlie at akustikroqucer@gmail.com.

Album Cover

January 29th 2020
What I use:
Cameras: Canon 70D DSLR - Canon M50 Mirrorless - Canon SX230 Compact
Applications: DXO Optics Pro - DXO Viewpoint - Luminar Flex

I also use the Canon DPP application to display and convert the CR3 format found in all of the new Canon mirrorless cameras. My base program is Mac Photos. Movavi Photo Editor also comes in handy for editing backgrounds and adding watermarks. All good fun as they say. My studio set up consists of two Neewer TTL flash units and a Godox MS200 studio strobe flash together with various accessories including a foldable backdrop with white on one side and black on the other. My first session with the studio was a set of promotional photos for a friend who is due to release a music album sometime in the Spring (2020). The images will be used on the album cover and for publicity purposes. More about that in future posts as and when information can be released.

Unboxing 500 CD's

November 17th 2019
All the images on this site were taken this year starting back in June (2019) except for a few portraits which go back as far as 1979. In those days and up to the early part of the current millennium I was using a film roll camera namely a Nikon F3 with manual focusing and only a rudimentary system for calculating exposure.

I purchased my first digital camera several years ago but it wasn't until this year that I found the time to learn the concept of taking images and processing them myself as opposed to taking rolls of film to a lab and waiting for them to be developed before seeing if they were properly exposed and in focus. Those of you who remember this may also be familiar with the process of clip testing. As long as all the exposures on one roll were the same it was possible with transparency film to develop the first couple of exposures and then 'push' or 'pull' i.e lighten or darken the developing process for the rest of the roll.

Those were the days, slow and expensive, sometimes waiting hours to see the results. I remember the many trips to a lab in Covent Garden and waiting around for 2 or 3 hours just to see the clip test results. Anyway that was a long time ago.

​In the next post I'll give you a run down of the equipment I use and the processing software that makes photography both an art and a science in todays world.

Model - Abi
Model - Abi
Assistant - Neil
Assistant - Neil
Stylist - Sarah
Stylist - Sarah
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